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Handmade Soap Bundles

Handmade Soap Bundles

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Give the gift of handmade soap this year with these handmade soap bundles. Each bundles comes with 2 bars of handmade soap and a soap saver bag.

Soap saver bags are an excellent way to extend the life of your soap bars! Place a new bar inside and use it as a loofah for a gentle exfoliation. Add the last little bits of a well loved bar to use every last bit of soapy goodness! For longest lasting results, allow to dry completely between uses.

These bundles are available in three different varieties. For ingredient information, please visit the product page for the specific soap.

- Cedar Creek (Fir & Cedarwood) / Manorwood (Oak & Whisky)

- Findlay Creek (Oud & Bergamot) / Kelly Farm (Green Clover & Irish Moss)

- Sora (Ozone & Heliotrope) / Flat Sedge (Lemons & Fig Leaf)

- Meadowlilly (Lily of the Valley & Lilac) / Maberly (English Lavender)

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